About the author

Hi. My name is Jan Krüger. I currently live in Aachen, Germany, which is also where I work as a software developer and all-around helpful support guy for a company that helps organizations make quality management less painful. My interests in science lie in psychology, learning (including machine learning), communication (technical as well as human) and philosophy of science. Other passions of mine include singing (or maybe music in general) and sleeping in. On a more abstract level, I am fascinated about understanding complex logic-based systems, such as computers, interaction between sub-systems, or brains… hmm, I guess that last point could make people mistake me for a zombie.

What else? Creativity is something I find tremendously fascinating. For a long time I’ve been planning to write my own book (novel or otherwise), and I have actually written and recorded a fair number of songs by now. I am a bit of a perfectionist and a visionary and a lot of a procrastinator. Consequently, I always have a large number of exciting projects that have never really left the design phase… but I also do a lot of things that I consider really important and useful, so I guess that’s okay.

It is one of my dreams to make a real contribution to the world. I do not necessarily plan to make huge changes in the sense of starting a rebellion, throwing down the current status quo and making everything perfect. Some people may be convinced they can do this, but I would not know how to go about it. I will not claim to be knowledgeable enough to understand the world on this large a scale. Instead, I will endeavour to make small contributions in various ways. This website is part of that since it’s an attempt to find new understandings on what life is all about. I believe not many people actually have a good answer to this question. As far as I’m concerned, my life does have a meaning, but this is not the place to attempt to go into detail, since deep meanings (and I will certainly not try to define this term) are invariably difficult to get across.

In this sense, I hope you will find this website useful, and I wish all the best to all of us.


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