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Git cheat sheet, extended edition

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Git Cheat sheet

A few days ago, I posted a cheat sheet for Git (just as last time, Git is a really cool revision control system). Let’s face it: it was ugly. Not something you would actually hang up where other people could see it, was it? Here’s the remedy, which also works on both A4 and Letter and is more detailed.

In more detail, the additional details are:

So how’s it look like? Observe: Thumbnail for Git cheat sheet, version 2

Because Inkscape saw fit to generate annoyingly huge PDF files from the source, this time you get a zipped two-page PDF document as well as the Inkscape source files.

Another thing that I didn’t pay attention to last time was the license. No longer: this cheat sheet is licensed to you under the terms of a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 license. For attribution, should you want to create a derived work, please include a mention of http://git.jk.gs/ and, if available space permits, my name.

Known issues

Inaccuracies and missing helpful things (extracted from user-submitted comments from the previous iteration of this website):