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Goodbye, Wordpress

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All software sucks

For about eight years this blog was powered by WordPress. When I tried to upgrade to HTTPS (thanks, Let’s Encrypt), I ran into slightly insurmountable issues with resource URLs generated by it. I never really liked WordPress all that much, anyway, beyond the sheer convenience, so I decided it was time to move on.

I’ve always been fond of static website generators, because they remove most of the work the server has to do when someone tries to view a page, and so I started looking for one that can do both blogging and other stuff, and is reasonably customizable. The most well-known one, I guess, is Jekyll, written in Ruby. Ruby’s package manager doesn’t have a convenient option for confining package installs to a single project/directory, and I was quite turned off by the idea of doing a system-wide install of who knows how many packages, so despite all my misgivings about node.js, I ended up choosing a node-based tool due to npm’s capability of installing dependencies “locally”. If you think that’s a poor reason… feel free to sue me.

So, this blog now uses Hexo. Of course that doesn’t mean I’ll start posting more, but perhaps I’ll get into the habit. Only one way to find out!

Addendum 2019: I’ve gotten tired of wrangling Node.js dependencies. I now use Hugo.

Goodbye, comments

I’m done with moderating comments. Commenting now means you contact me in private. I’ve added a section at the bottom of each post to explain how it works.