How to get into the Song Fight! IRC channel

The short and simple way

Just enter a nickname for yourself and go! (Or go to the full-screen version)

How to set up dedicated chat software

This may be interesting for regular visitors.

  1. Download HexChat. Install it. Run it. (On Linux it might be more convenient to install existing X-Chat packages in your distribution if they don't have HexChat.)
  2. Enter a nickname of your choice. Enter a username of your choice. Enter a real name of your choice.
  3. Under "Networks", click "add". Call the new entry "Mibbit".
  4. Click on "edit". Change the pre-defined server to "". Change the text field "favorite channels" to say "#songfight!" (without the quotes). Check "auto connect to this network at startup". Click on "close".
  5. Click on "connect". Next time you run HexChat, it should have remembered all of the previous settings so you only have to repeat this step.
  6. Side note: the FAWM channel, #fawm, is on the same network.

There's nobody talking, I'm leaving!

For some outlandish reason, we're not there all the time. Try this: say hi. Keep the chat open in the background. Occasionally check back if anyone else said anything. It doesn't cost anything and your chances are significantly better than if you leave after a minute or two of silence.