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Dear users of browsers other than Firefox, I’m not talking to you now. Sorry. Dear remaining readers, have you ever disliked having to a) remember all of your different passwords for all websites or b) store them on your local computer so you can’t get at them from other places or c) use the same password everywhere even if that makes the impact of security issues a lot worse? I used to go with option b) but I didn’t really like it. Now I’ve found something else; allow me to share.

CAPTCHAs: these warped images you have to copy text out of in order to submit comments on an ever-growing number of websites. The warped image approach has a number of serious flaws. Firstly, there is a strong correlation between the difficulty bots have with extracting the code from the image and the difficulty humans have with extracting the code from the image. In some cases, I hear it’s actually easier for machines than it is for humans.

Please read carefully the following important message that does not come from the anonymous persons running whyfirefoxisblocked.com and whydiggisblocked.com. You’ve reached this page because the site you were trying to visit now blocks visitors from the human race and other beings capable of browsing the web. The users on continents such as America, Asia, Europe and Antarctica openly endorse critical thinking, a function of the human brain that allows humans to ignore irrelevant perceptions such as advertisement on web sites, and are well known for paying no huge amount of money to the owners of sites they visit.